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Free licenses for MVPs, discounts for Certified Developers

Free licenses for MVPs, discounts for Certified Developers

Here at MFractor, Tom and I love the passion that the Xamarin community has. Whether it's writing in-depth blogs about Xamarin.Forms or speaking about Mobile DevOps, seeing this kind of passion for Xamarin is what made us build MFractor in the first place!

The benefits that the entire community gains from the active bloggers, speakers, and influencers is obvious; without this dedicated 1%, the Xamarin ecosystem would be a very, very different place.

To show our appreciation for those who help Xamarin community, we've organized some special offers...

Most Valuable Professionals

The Xamarin MVPs are the people who Xamarin/Microsoft itself have recognized as being outstanding leaders in the Xamarin space. They run meetups, write technical blogs, speak at conferences and in general, push the boundaries of what Xamarin can do!

To acknowledge their efforts, we are pleased to offer free, not for resale, MFractor Professional licenses to all Xamarin Most Valuable Professionals.

To claim, please email hello@mfractor.com from your MVP email address and we will confirm your free license.

Xamarin Certified Developers

For Xamarin Certified Developers, we want to help you supercharge your Xamarin app development. To do this, we are offering a 15% discount for MFractor Professional!

To redeem your discount as a Xamarin Certified Developer, please email hello@mfractor.com from the email that we can use to verify your certification through:


After confirming your certification, we will email you a single-use discount code for 15% off MFractor Professional!


Mar 05, 2020 • Posted by Matthew Robbins

Hi Damien,

Yes, Microsoft MVPs qualify for complimentary license. Please email me and we will sort it out: matthew@mfractor.com

Mar 05, 2020 • Posted by Damien Doumer

Please I wish to know, Is this license for MVPs still available ?. For Microsoft MVPs in developer technologies since the Xamarin MVP title is no more.

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