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Introducing The App Icon Importer

Introducing The App Icon Importer

MFractor 4.4 Now Available

Today I'm happy to announce the release of MFractor 4.4! šŸ„³

MFractor 4.4 adds support for Visual Studio Mac 8.8, fixes some bugs in IntelliSense and adds our latest and greatest feature, the App Icon Importer wizard.

Introducing The App Icon Importer

Ever needed to update the launcher image for your Android and iOS apps? You either need to create and add each imageĀ size one-by-one or use an online app icon creation tool and then manually add it into your project. It's one of the trickier partsĀ 

In MFractor 4.4 we are introducing the App Icon Importer to make updating your apps icon dead simple; point the importer at a source image (1024x1024 or higher) and MFractor will generate allĀ app iconĀ sizes for your Android and iOS projects.Ā For Android projects, MFractor will also update your manifest to point to the new icon.

Ā The app icon importerĀ canĀ also generate adaptive icons for Android. Select theĀ Create Adaptive Icon checkbox when importing into an Android project and MFractor will create the icon and icon_round XML files (if required), generate the foreground images in the correct sizes and update the Android manifest.

To use the app icon importer, right click on your project or solution, chooseĀ Add and thenĀ App Icon. Or, the importer can also be access through the topĀ MFracto menu, thenĀ ImportĀ and thenĀ App Icon.

To learn more about the app icon importer, please see our documentation:Ā 


Support for Latest Visual Studio

MFractor 4.4 also supports the latest Visual Studio for Mac (8.8) and fixes several bugs caused by API changes in the newest version of Visual Studio.

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Nov 17, 2020 • Posted by Eduard SchƤfer

Nice work, what about UWP?

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