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MFractor 3.9 for Visual Studio Mac Out Now

MFractor 3.9 for Visual Studio Mac Out Now

I’m pleased to announce the release of MFractor 3.9 for Visual Studio Mac.

This release upgrades the delete output folders feature, improves general performance and stability and also revamps our documentation.

Let's dive in and take a look.

Delete Output Folders Facelift

One of our customers favourite features, Delete Output Folders, has received a facelift.

The first time you trigger Delete Output Folders on a solution or project, you'll be asked to choose which folders to delete.

Here you can configure which folders to delete or keep and if MFractor should preserve the nuget packages cache (great when working offline!).

MFractor will remember your preferences and automatically use these when you next use Delete Output Folders.

See our delete output folders documentation for more details.

Tools And Utilities

MFractor now has a few additional tools:

  • Right click on an iOS font asset and use Tools -> Add To UIAppFonts to add the plist entry for that font.
  • Right click on a font asset and use Tools -> Copy FontFamily XAML To Clipboard to add the plist entry for that font.
  • Right click on a shared project and use Tools -> Edit Shared Project Items to open the .projitems in the xml editor.


This release also significantly improves MFractor's speed and memory usage; one of MFractors core goals is to be as light-weight and seamlessly integrated into Visual Studio as possible.

Here's what's improved:

  • No longer bundling the Microsoft.CodeAnalysis assemblies improves the stability of VS Mac and makes our final package much smaller. Thank you to the Visual Studio team for helping diagnose and fix this issue.
  • Improved completion suggestion and symbol resolution times in our XAML IntelliSense. This makes for a smoother XAML IntelliSense experience when MFractor is installed.
  • XAML analysis now uses less memory usage when analysing XAML files.
  • When MFractor indexes your solution to build our meta-data cache, it's now much faster and uses less memory.

Revamped Documentation

Something I've regularly heard these past few months is that our docs desperately needed some love. Our customers gave feedback it was tricky to discover features and that release notes would be very useful in order to understand the changes in each release.

Head on over to https://docs.mfractor.com and check out our new snazzy documentation.

We are constantly working improve our docs so you can learn more about our feature suite.

Matthew Robbins - Founder of MFractor


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