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MFractor Auto-Updates Known Issue

MFractor Auto-Updates Known Issue

We are currently experiencing issues with MFractor where it is not automatically updating to the latest published version. We are working with the Visual Studio Mac team to resolve this issue.

If you are experiencing bugs in MFractor or are unable to receive service release updates, please follow the instructions below to manually update MFractor.

The latest version of MFractor can be found in the direct-download link below:


To install this version:

  1. Go to the top Visual Studio menu and open the Extension Manager by selecting Extensions...
  2. If MFractor is installed, uninstall it and restart the IDE.
  3. In the Extension Manager, click Install from file and browse to the downloaded mpack file.
  4. After MFractor is installed, restart Visual Studio Mac.
This version of MFractor (3.8.15) will work in the following Visual Studio Mac releases:
  • 8.1.5.
  • 8.2 and above with limited XAML tooling support.
  • 8.3 and above with limited XAML tooling support.
Visual Studio Mac 8.2 XAML Editor Support
If you are using Visual Studio Mac 8.2 or higher, MFractor's XAML tooling will not appear in the new XAML editor. We are currently porting our XAML tooling to the new editor as part the integration work for MFractor for Visual Studio Windows.

In the meantime, you can use our existing XAML editor by performing the following steps: go to the top Visual Studio menu -> Preferences -> Text Editor -> Behavior -> XAML -> uncheck “Enable new XAML language service”


Matthew Robbins - Founder of www.mfractor.com


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