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MFractor Now Available For Visual Studio Windows 2022

MFractor Now Available For Visual Studio Windows 2022

I'm pleased, at long last, to announce that MFractor is now available for¬†Visual Studio for Windows 2022. ūüéČūüéČūüéČ

Features And Changes

All existing features are available in MFractor for Visual Studio Windows 2022 plus some new ones.

Thickness Adornments

Thickness expressions such as Margin and Padding now have visual indicators to show which dimension a number in the expression represents:

MFractors thickness adornments that visually show which number represents which dimension.

Performance Performance Performance 

This release also adds a considerable performance boost to MFractor.

MFractor no longer maintains a SQLite database of a solutions resources and now does this in-memory. This makes the initial scanning of a solution much faster and additionally makes any XAML resource based analyser dramatically quicker.

I predict you'll be pleasantly pleased by the plentiful performance perks!


To install MFractor into Visual Studio 2022:

  1. In the top menu, select Extensions then Manage Extensions.
  2. In the Manage Extensions window, select Online in the left hand list.
  3. In the right hand panel, click into the Search text field and search for MFractor.
  4. Select MFractor in the middle list and then click Install.
  5. After installation has completed, you'll need to restart Visual Studio for MFractor to .


If you have previously activated MFractor in Visual Studio Windows 2019, and the license is still valid, the activation will automatically carry over to Visual Studio 2022.

If you have an existing, valid license key for Visual Studio Mac, this you can use this license in MFractor for Visual Studio Windows 2022. Simply follow the installation steps above then activate MFractor with your license key when prompted.


MFractor is now available in Visual Studio Windows 2022 with all existing features, some new features and a big performance improvement.

Your valid existing licenses will either carry over from Visual Studio 2019 or can be used to activate MFractor in Visual Studio 2022.

I'm super excited that MFractor is now supported in the latest and greatest Visual Studio and am looking forward to adding support for Visual Studio Mac 2022 plus MAUI!

In case you haven't already, you can buy your MFractor license key here ūüėČ


Matthew Robbins - Creator of MFractor


Jun 02, 2022 • Posted by Oleksii

Waiting for an update to use your cool MFractor in VS for Mac

Jun 02, 2022 • Posted by Alejandro Solano

Hey! Cool! ETA for Visual Studio 2022 for Mac?

Mar 24, 2022 • Posted by Yuriy

Cool! Waiting for it since VS2022 has been released.
Also, I’m using it on a mac machine.

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