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MFractor v3.4 out now!

MFractor v3.4 out now!

Introducing MFractor 3.4

Tom and I are proud to announce the release of MFractor v3.4 for Visual Studio Mac! šŸŽ‰

We've added some fantastic features in this release, fixed heaps of bugs, made a change to our free license tier and moved hosting providers.

v3.4 Release

The major feature in this release is the inclusion of XAML editor that includes IntelliSense powered by MFractor.

The MFractor XAML editor is a dramatic improvement on Visual Studio Macs default IntelliSense. MFractors IntelliSense has feature parity and injects a lot of MFractors smarts into the XAML editing experience.

Initially, we've added obvious auto-completions to take the friction out of what you're currently working on. For example, we've added completion support for style setter based on the styles TargetType, provide the available images for an image source, suggest available View Model properties for data-binding,Ā let you open a color picker for colors and a lot, lot more.

Here's a teaser of the IntelliSense in action..Ā  Notice how easy itĀ is to build out a new view model for this login page:


The end result is that the XAML editing experience isĀ more intuitive, faster and ultimately, easier!

We've also added a Delete Output Paths feature inspired by Redth's Obliterate pluginĀ to wipe out those pesky bin/obj folder.Ā 

MFractor's code generation capabilities have beenĀ refined to remove more friction from your workflows.

  • When creating C# code from XAML, you can change MFractor to automatically insert code instead of prompting you for a location.
  • If you like the formatting on your custom code snippets, you can now disable or enable automatic code formatting to preserveĀ your snippetsĀ formatting.
  • Lastly, when MFracrtor creates new code that has fully qualified types, it will now introduce usingsĀ for these new types to create cleaner code.

See the full release notes for the 3.4 release here: http://docs.mfractor.com/release-notes/v3-4/

Document-Based Licensing

In 3.4, we've revamped our free licensing model, MFractor Lite. We now allow unlimited use of all of MFractors features in 2 XAML files per day. After you've used your 2 documents each day, Visual Studio for Mac will revert back to its original behaviour.

Product Hosting Changes

To make it easier to get MFractor, we have moved our package hosting onto Visual Studio for Macs extension server.

You can now download MFractor directly from the extension manager in Visual Studio for Mac.

Want to update to MFractor 3.4? Simply go to the updates tab in the Extension Manager, refresh and hitĀ MFractor'sĀ update button.


Matt and Tom.


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