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Our New Home

Our New Home

Welcome to our new home! 

It's been a quite a journey but MFractor finally has a new, rebranded and swankier website! 

We hope you love what we've done with the place; this new site makes it easier to find documentation, emphasis the most important features you'll use in MFractor and is easier to navigate than our previous site.

We've been in the process of changing hosting providers for some time now. As we edged closer to making MFractor a paid product (more on that in coming months) we quickly realised that we had outgrown Wordpress.

We've now bit the bullet and have made the move to Shopify!

So come on in and let us show you around:

  • Our new landing page is streamlined to show you the most important features in MFractor and help you find documentation.
  • Did you need to grab a copy of MFractor? Then drop by our Download page to download latest version today.
  • You can learn to use MFractor by visiting our online documentation; we regularly post tutorials, feature how-tos and much more!
  • And lastly, checkout our news blog for all the latest product updates!


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