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Need to create your own extension for Visual Studio Windows or Visual Studio Mac? We are the ones for you!

We are industry-leading experts in Visual Studio extension development.

We have a uniquely deep level of knowledge of Roslyn, the Visual Studio Windows and Mac extensibility SDKs and several user UI frameworks like Xamarin.Mac, WPF and XWT.

So why us? We can talk the talk, but, we can also walk the walk.

Our flagship product, MFractor, is a fully cross-IDE productivity tool that achieves over 93% codeshare between our Mac and Windows version; this includes nearly all features, editor integrations and most importantly, all of our user interfaces.

To make your extension a reality, we can:

  • Build new extensions from the ground up.
  • Add new features to existing extensions.
  • Provide initial consultation and training services so that the knowledge of extension development remains in-house.

If you are interested in engaging us to develop your Visual Studio extension, please send a services enquiry to Matthew Robbins as matthew@mfractor.com.