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Where do I find the latest version of MFractor?

Visual Studio Mac

The latest version of MFractor for Visual Studio Mac can be found at:


Visual Studio Windows
The latest version of MFractor for Visual Studio Windows can be found in the Visual Studio Marketplace:


I'd like to try MFractor Professional, how do I get a trial?

To request an MFractor Professional trial, please email matthew@mfractor.com.

How do I report a bug?

To report a bug, please file an issue on our GitHub issues tracker at https://github.com/mfractor/mfractor-feedback/issues

Please see our Support documentation for detailed information on reporting a bug.

Does MFractor support the Preview versions of Visual Studio?

No, we do not officially support the preview versions of Visual Studio Mac or Windows.

The extension may work if installed from file, however, we do not officially target or support any form of the Visual Studio previews.

Install and use MFractor within the preview versions of Visual Studio at your own risk.

What is your refund policy?

Please email matthew@mfractor.com and request a refund within 30 days of purchase.

But, boy oh boy, we are sad to see your go! 😭

Do you offer company licenses?

Yes! We can issue your company a license for any number of seats.

To get a company license, please purchase your license at www.mfractor.com/buy.

Alternatively, please email matthew@mfractor.com requesting an invoice for purchasing.

What is the licensing agreement?

Please see our End User License

How do I recover my MFractor Professional license?

To recover your MFractor Professional license, please email matthew@mfractor.com requesting your license.

Are you available for hire to develop Xamarin applications?

Yes, we are!

As tools developers, we are very skilled at building Xamarin applications.

Please make a services enquiry to Matthew Robbins at matthew@mfractor.

If we are unable to develop your app, we have a network trusted development partners in the United States, Europe, Australia and Singapore who can also develop your app that we will put you in touch with.

Wait... I have more questions!

Fantastic, we have more answers!
Please see our documentation for more answers to commonly asked questions.