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Do you love writing about the latest and greatest developments in the Xamarin landscape? Want to get paid for it?

We are looking for writers to create technical content about Xamarin. This includes beginner tutorials, deep dives into the latest Xamarin developments and MFractor how-tos. We pay $250 AUD per blog post.

Here are a few examples of the type of content we are looking for:

  • How to create a custom effect for Xamarin.Forms using MFractor.
  • Using Value Converters in Xamarin.
  • Using SkiaSharp in Xamarin.Forms
  • Working with images in Xamarin apps.

Ideally, your article:

  • Explores a new technology or method related to Xamarin.
  • Or, is a thorough introduction to a particular Xamarin fundamental such as Styles, MVVM, value converters or data binding.
  • Is not specific to a particular framework. While we love frameworks like Prism, FreshMVVM, ReactiveUI or MVVMCross, MFractor is framework agnostic and unopinionated and we wish to keep our technical content the same.
  • Has lots of images, GIFs and code samples to help guide the reader through the article.
  • Where applicable, it should highlight relevant MFractor features.

Our blog post Custom Controls In Xamarin.Forms is a perfect example of the technical content that we are after. 

Your article will be published on the front page of our website and included in our mailing list. We are viewed by thousands of Xamarin developers every month and are the most popular tool for Visual Studio Mac, writing for us is a fantastic way to grow your public profile!

Interested? Then send an expression of interest to matthew@mfractor.com to find out more. Please include a short description of your favourite Xamarin framework(s) to help us learn a little more about you!