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MFractor v3.5 out now!

 MFractor v3.5 out now!

Tom and I are excited to announce the release of MFractor v3.5 for Visual Studio Mac ūüéČ

This release has tonnes of exciting features; we've worked hard to improve our XAML IntelliSense engine, added some new, very handy C# code actions and fixed a tonne of bugs.

Here a quick rundown of all the new goodness.

IntelliSense Upgrades

We've continued to improve our XAML IntelliSense engine by adding roughly a dozen new completions.

Ever needed to set up a static resource binding in XAML? Our static resource IntelliSense suggests all available resources for your current XAML file:

Exploring static resources for a XAML document using MFractors XAML IntelliSense

If you need to generate a new value converter, you can now do so right from a resource dictionary:

Generating a value converter using MFractors XAML IntelliSense

We've also added completions to suggest available rows and columns when working with grids, support for Xamarin.Forms coming CSS feature, the ability to generate an effect from XAML and more.

New Code Actions

If you've ever had to create a custom renderer in Xamarin.Forms, you know that it can be a lot of work! 

Using MFractor Professional, tap Option+Return on a custom views class name in C# and then choose the Generate customer renderers for MyControl:

Generating a custom renderer using MFractor

For MFractor Professional users, we've added the ability to navigate to the implementations of an interface or abstract class. Just tap Option+D on a type, method or property definition!

Enhancements and Bug Fixes

 MFractor v3.5 also has a tonne of fixes and enhancements such as:

  • Inclusion in GitHubs VisaulStudio.gitignore file.
  • The localisation wizard will re-open at the last screen location that you left it.
  • Cross-project MVVM resolution and code generation.
  • Smarter binding context resolution for our XAML IntelliSense.
  • Bug fixes for syntax reduction, XAML IntelliSense, XAML parsing and more.

If you'd like to see the full list of what we've changed in MFractor v3.5, please see our official v3.5 release notes.

Lastly, to celebrate the release of v3.5, you can use the discount code HELLO-MFRACTOR-3-5 to take 25% off MFractor Professional until May 1st, 2018.

To get MFractor v3.5, make sure you're running the latest stable version of Visual Studio Mac (7.4.2) and just update MFractor through the extension manager.

Happy coding everyone!

Matthew - Founder of MFractor


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