Incredible Xamarin Tools

Incredible Xamarin Tools

Build your Xamarin apps faster with MFractor, a collection of essential tools for Visual Studio Mac

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MFractor for Visual Studio Mac

Build your apps faster with these great features.

  • Xaml Analysis

    Squash bugs at their source. The Xaml analyser detects dozens of code issues at design time and lets you fix them in a few clicks.
  • Rich Code Navigation

    Effortlessly explore your projects with MVVM navigation shortcuts, Xaml tooltips, image tooltips and Xaml go-to declaration.
  • Xaml Refactoring

    Easily manipulate your xaml by renaming namespaces, importing controls or sorting and organising your Xaml.
  • Xaml Code Generation

    Write less boilerplate code and more app logic; generate View Models, implement missing bindings, create bindable properties and much more all from your Xaml!

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