Incredible Xamarin Tools

Incredible Xamarin Tools

Build your Xamarin apps faster with MFractor, a mobile first productivity tool for Visual Studio Mac

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MFractor Professional

MFractor Professional

Next level your productivity with advanced Xamarin.Forms tools, C# support and code customisation

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MFractor for Visual Studio Mac

Take your productivity to the next level with killer features for mobile development

  • Xamarin.Forms

    Easily create Xamarin.Forms apps with XAML analysis, a suite of navigation shortcuts and powerful XAML to C# code generation tools.
  • Xamarin.Android

    Feeling burdened by the Android resource system? Make resources enjoyable again with Intellisense, analysis, a suite of navigation shortcuts and more!
  • C#

    Make day-to-day development easier with MFractors collection of generic and mobile specific C# code actions and refactorings.
  • Mobile API C# Analysis

    Don't let API quirks sting you. MFractor inspects your C# in Android and Xamarin.Forms for a suite of common API misuses.

Trusted by the best

Xamarin MVPs and Microsoft MVPs love using MFractor in their day-to-day work

If you're not using MFractor then you're stealing your clients money and time
This is a seriously awesome tool!
MFractor is indispensable for Xamarin developers

Powerful Code Generation Tools

Use dozens of code-actions to create boilerplate code so you can focus on the code that actually makes you money.
Powerful Code Generation Tools

Complete Code Customisation

A flexible configuration system let's you completely change the code MFractor creates; following your projects architectural and design conventions becomes dead simple.
Complete Code Customisation

A Better Way To Work With Images

MFractor detects missing images in your XAML and let's you easily import new image resources; you can even preview images right in your XAML. You and your UI designer will become best friends!
A Better Way To Work With Images

Help And Support

Support when you need it
Learn to use MFractor with quick start guides, in-depth tutorials and much more.
Chat via Slack
Drop into the MFractor channel in the Xamarin Slack for support.
Have a question? Send a tweet to our founder Matthew for answers.
Live Training
Want to use MFractor to it's full capabilities? Request an online call with the founders for a one-on-one training session.