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Visual Studio for Mac support is coming!

Visual Studio for Mac support is coming!

Where is MFractor for Visual Studio Mac? This is a question you’ve asked more and more frequently over the past few months.

Today I’m very pleased to announce that MFractor for Visual Studio Mac is on its way and will be more awesome than ever.

Over the next 2-3 months I will be finishing the VS-Mac port of MFractor and will release it by July 1st 2017 (but likely sooner if I’m happy with the product). The VS-Mac port will have all the current features plus a few cool new ones (more on that another day 😉).

As part of this port, a user account portal and sign in process will be introduced into the product; this is important so you can get in touch with me easily when you face issues, would like product training or need customer support.

And even better, MFractor for Visual Studio Mac will remain free for use for the the time being.

I’ve thought a lot about pricing for MFractor and decided that making an incredible developer experience is more important than revenue at this point in time. When we do decide to make MFractor a paid product you will receive at least 3 months notice of this switch.

My focus for the immediate future is to continue amplifying/improving the Xamarin experience and make it even easier and more enjoyable to build great apps.


Matt - Creator Of MFractor


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