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MFractor 3.1 for Visual Studio Mac out now 🎉

MFractor 3.1 for Visual Studio Mac out now 🎉

It's that time again! A brand new version of MFractor for Visual Studio Mac is out!

Tom and I are incredibly excited to announce the release of version 3.1 of MFractor for Visual Studio Mac.

So, what's in 3.1?

Product Tier Updates

As part of the 3.1 release cycle, we've decided to re-brand our product tiers to better reflect the value differences between our free and paid tiers. Our free tier is now MFractor Lite and our paid tier, formally known as Premium is now MFractor Professional.

Additionally, we are increasing the price of MFractor Professional to $299AUD per user per year. We have some absolutely killer features lined up in the next few months (announcements soon) and this price point better reflects the value of the tool.

If you have already paid for a Professional license, then we are locking in that price as your lifetime price. For example, if you paid $199 for your first yearly license, then you will always pay $199 per year. Forever. 

New Features

This release adds a heap of handy Lite and Professional features, as well as lots of product enhancements and bug fixes. Here are some highlights.

If you create styles in your XAML, we've started adding code inspections to validate the class type and those properties exist.

MFractor detecting an unknown property on a style setter

And recently Xamarin introduce a new way to use OnPlatform in your XAML. If you need to migrate to the new methodology, MFractor now has a code action to help you do this:

Migrating on platform in your XAML

For MFractor Professional license holders, we've jam packed it with features. MFractor inspects image references and tells you when they are missing:

Missing image analysis

We've also made it extra easy to import these images; just tap Alt+Return and import the image into your iOS and Android projects:

Importing a missing image reference

Are you salivating yet? We sure hope you are! If you'd like more information on this release, check out the v3.1.0 release notes here.

What's Coming?

Now that the 3.1 release is out and done, Tom and I are extra busy hacking away on some hot new features.

Have you ever had to import an image into your Android and iOS apps? If so, we feel your pain; you have to copy the image into multiple folders on Android, generate the smaller image sizes and inevitably, the image will require renaming along the way. We are making image import dead simple with our coming image wizard that imports and downsamples an image into your project in a few clicks.

We want to make sure that you know how to use MFractor so we are adding a product tip window. Each week we'll highlight a handy MFractor feature that'll increase your productivity.

If you have any question about the latest release, reach out to me (Matthew) through Twitter by contacting @matthewrdev


Matt - Creator of MFractor


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